November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 6

Today’s daily adventure is one of my favourite kind of adventures.

Today is a travel day.

A day where all of the excitement about where you are going and what you will see and do are at their peak. It’s the glorious anticipation of the adventure ahead.

Tonight I will rest my head on a pillow in a different country and for the next few days I won’t be cooking, cleaning, tidying or even watching TV. I will be exploring a magnificent city and all that it has to offer.

What would a month of daily adventures be without at least one get-away trip?


So, where am I going? Where will the next few days of November’s daily adventures be taking place?

Here’s a riddle. See if you can guess.

You can take a bite out of me but I’m not edible.

I’m big, yet small.

Call me anything but old.


Did you have an adventure today? If so, share it with us in a comment below or tag your adventure with #AdventureADay on FB, Instagram or Twitter. Happy adventuring!

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