November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 7

Hmm. Documenting my daily adventures may prove to be more challenging than I thought. While it’s easy to share my adventures had at home, finding the time and will power to sit and write while travelling is vastly different.

I missed my midnight deadline. I’ll blame it on technology (the photos weren’t uploading at first), but ultimately I probably shouldn’t have been writing in bed. I fell asleep. And now it’s 12:40am….on Day 8. Ugh!

Better late than never.

Adventure-A-Day: Day 7

Today was an adventure from morning til night because I woke up in New York City. My husband and I brought our two young girls here to show them a city they’ve heard much about but never been.

We had a very full day, starting with a walk through Central Park en route to the FAO Shwartz toy store and then down to Rockefeller Plaza where they were delivering this year’s Christmas tree. Next, we walked over to the craziness of Times Square before hopping on one of the city’s hop-on-hop-off buses to see the downtown neighborhoods and take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry for a great (free!) view of the Statue of Liberty. Finishing the day off at the beautifully lit Tavern on the Green in Central Park for dinner made for a great first day in NYC.

Here’s a short photo glimpse of our adventure.





Tavern-on-the-green-NYCSometimes a complete change of scenery is just the kind of adventure one needs to reboot and gain a new perspective. Whether it’s visiting a new city or exploring an area at home that you’ve never been to, we all need a little change introduced into our lives every once in a while to help inspire new thinking and new ways of looking at our lives. That’s what a little adventure can do.

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