November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 5

You’ll have to bear with me here. I think today’s daily adventure requires a little background information to be fully appreciated.

I don’t like cheese. Never have. When I was little I was completely put off by it. I thought it smelled awful and was quite confident that it would taste awful too. I refused to eat it (even Kraft Dinner) and because I drank a lot of milk, my mother didn’t try to push it on me. This was a non-issue for many years. Almost all children dislike some food – or entire food groups – so nobody ever questioned me on it. Then I went to university.

Cheesecake was a very popular ‘treat’ in the residence I lived in during my first year of University and the fact that I wouldn’t eat anyones cheesecake did not sit well with many. “Well, have you tried Oreo cookie cheesecake though?, I bet you’d like that”!  “What about caramel cheesecake”.  Everyone seems to think that I didn’t like cheese because I hadn’t really tried it or I hadn’t tried the ‘right’ cheese yet.  Let me tell you, people like their cheese. When they learn that I don’t care for it they pepper me with questions and seem genuinely confused “How can you not like cheese”?  “Man, I wish I didn’t like cheese, I’d probably be 10 pounds lighter”.  It just doesn’t make sense in their world.

As the years have gone by I have come to realize that cheesecake and cream cheese are in a separate category from all ‘other cheeses’ (in my opinion). I should also clarify that I do eat pizza as well as nachos and lasagna made with mozzarella (only). I do not eat cheddar cheese EVER, nor any other cheeses. Except for Boursin which I find completely delicious but I categorize it as a glorified cream cheese made for crackers instead of bagels so in my mind it doesn’t actually count as a cheese cheese.

Adventure-A-Day: Day 5

So, back to today’s adventure.

I had cheese fondue for lunch.

I can’t even pronounce the names of the two cheeses that were contained in the box that I purchased at the grocery store this morning. I opened the package and squeezed the cheese blob (sounds appetizing, right?) into the fondue pot and lit it. I stirred it as it started to heat up and melt and then waited the full 5 minutes the package recommended letting it boil before trying it.

It didn’t look yummy, it didn’t smell yummy but I skewered a little piece of bread, plunged it in the fondue pot and popped it in my mouth anyhow.cheese-fondue

It didn’t taste good.

There. Now no one can say I’m not being adventuress enough to even try it. I tried it and I can report back with 100% confidence that I STILL don’t like cheese.

That means more for the rest of you cheese lovers out there.


Did you have an adventure today? If so, share it in a comment below or tag it with #AdventureADay on FB/Instagram or Twitter.





4 responses to “November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 5

  1. Haha oh my gosh… I have only met one other person that doesn’t like cheese, a close friend, and all of us rest of her friends never understood, I think we actually are offended by it.
    To be fair to the cheese fondue, store-bought fondue is probably not the best tasting. But good for you for trying ;)

    • Ha! Fair enough. I think it was essentially a no-name brand too. Problem is, I would never be willing to order a ‘good’ version in a restaurant for fear of leaving the restaurant hungry ;) Yes, people are serious about their cheese and meeting non-cheese eaters makes them uncomfortable. I feel the same about people who don’t drink coffee.

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