November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 4

You call THAT an adventure??

That’s what some of you might be thinking when you hear what today’s adventure was. But I can tell you that my answer would be “Absolutely, I do”!

Adventure-A-Day: Day 4

Today – in the middle of the day – I went to the movies. I ignored the dishes in my sink, the long grocery list in my purse and the folded laundry piles that were desperate to be put away and instead took myself out to the movies.

I met up with 2 other adventuresses (a.k.a friends) at the concession stand and loaded myself up with a large popcorn and a diet Coke and then sat myself down in my pre-assigned seat to watch the psychological thriller – Gone Girl.


This little 2.5+ hour experience felt like a true adventure because I was:

1. Doing something new and different. I NEVER go to the movies during the day on a weekday. How self-indulgent!

2. Stepping outside of my comfort zone. I felt a little guilty knowing my children were at school (presumably working hard) and my husband was at work (presumably working even harder) and here I was mulling over which popcorn combo to choose and sitting in the dark for almost 3 hours for pure self-entertainment purposes. Eek! I almost felt like I was doing something wrong, something naughty. I was playing hookey.

3. Having fun. Who wouldn’t enjoy sneaking out of their regular weekday responsibilities and routine and getting completely absorbed into a whole other world? The movie itself was really good. I had no idea what I was in for. Not only had I not previously read the book it was based on but I also somehow managed to arrive at today’s date without even hearing what the story was about. There were many twists and turns and I rode that emotional roller coaster like a boss. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 hour hiatus from ‘Tuesday afternoon’.

All that aside, I feel fully justified in calling today’s little excursion a bona fide adventure because, like any good adventure, I felt the tell-tale tinglings of sadness when the adventure came to an end and I now want to go back and do it again.  And I just might!


Do you ever go to the movies in the middle of the day, on a weekday? 


2 responses to “November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 4

    • Thx Mani. I love going to the movies but I always go at night. Going on a weekday afternoon made the experience completely different for me. I think I’ve found my perfect remedy for when a bad day comes along.

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