November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 27

You know that feeling you have when you watch the Olympics? The one where you suddenly believe that you too could just start training and become an Olympic caliber athlete…overnight. Well, it happens to me every time.

I have zero interest in a sport until I see it broadcast on my TV every 4 years with a huge crowd of onlookers cheering the athletes on. I want to be that athlete that has a whole country in a heightened state of excitement; holding their breath until their competition is over. In that moment, I too want to be an athlete. Truth is, that ship has probably sailed….away…..around the bend and passed the neighbouring island. But every once in a while I get that feeling that let’s me believe, if only for a moment, that it’s still possible. I felt it today.IMG_2348

Adventure-A-Day: Day 27

Today, my friend took me with her to an exercise class that she has been wanting to try. It was a Barre workout class and this particular one was dubbed ‘the booty barre’ class.  From what I understand, Barre workouts are designed to give you a dancer-like physique – strong, long and lean.  Combining exercises done at a ballet barre along with aspects of ballet, Pilates and yoga, the workouts essentially reply upon one’s own bodyweight to create resistance. I found the exercises focussed heavily on the stability of my core and my balance.IMG_2342

The instructor was a young, fit women who herself had a dancer’s body – tall, graceful and sleek. It motivated me to want the same for myself (the body) and during the class I even envisioned myself as a dancer….ever so briefly. I knew the desire to be an actual dancer would be fleeting (never mind unattainable at this point!) but working towards a stronger, leaner body is not. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I can already tell that my ‘booty’ got a darn good workout this morning.IMG_2341

IMG_2346Class aside, I also LOVED the studio space. If you live in or near Toronto, Generate Fitness is located in the city’s west end Bloor West Village neighbourhood and boasts big beautiful windows, rustic exposed brick walls and airy sunlit studios. Who couldn’t love a fitness studio that quotes Dr. Seuss on their front door?

You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so…..get on your way!

I may not be heading to the National Ballet (ever) but I’m happy to step up to the Barre any time.

Did you have an adventure today?

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