November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 21

Can I get a repeat?

Instead of heading out in search of a brand new adventure today, I decided to try to revisit a few of the mini adventures I’ve had over the past few weeks that brought me the most pleasure. One of my favourite adventures thus far this month was the night in New York City (November 8th) that my husband and I took our girls out for a delicious pizza dinner at PizzArte and then to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes in their Christmas Spectacular.

It was spectacular! The Tartufata pizza was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had and the Rockettes were sensational. Each musical number they performed was colourful, unique and fun.



radio-city-music-hallIf ever you find yourself in NYC near the holidays, this is a must see show. Not only do you get to see the talented and leggy Rockettes do their thing but there’s also fantastic costumes, fireworks, streamers, snowflake drones, a 3D opening video, alive camel (among other live animals) and at one point what looked like about 1000 Santa’s shaking their jolly little belly’s. Again, spectacular!! The show was 100% entertaining from start to finish and filled us all with the Christmas spirit – and it was only November 8th!rockettes-radio-city

It’s no wonder I came home and dove into a Christmas craft a few days later. IMG_2090

Adventure-A-Day: Day 21

I loved making my paper Christmas tree so much that I did a repeat today – well almost a repeat. This time it was a paper Christmas tree made out of cupcake papers and I set it up for my daughter to do instead of me.

Some adventures are best experienced alone and others benefit from sharing them with others. My daughter really enjoyed making this fun (easier) version of a paper tree and while she was working away on it we had Christmas tunes playing and I prepped a couple of homemade pizzas for us.

They weren’t as good as the pizza in NYC but it was still delicious and we were in the Christmas mood once again. Repeat adventure accomplished. If only we could have had the Rockettes here in our kitchen to top it all off.

Tomorrow’s adventure will keep that Christmas spirit alive but not in the form of a craft – I think I’ll retire my glue gun for a while. We don’t need anymore paper trees in this house!

Tomorrow it’s ‘all about the quirk’.

Do you have a recent adventure you’d like to repeat? Do you have more than one paper Christmas tree in your home right now too? ;)



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