November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 17

I’ve made it past the half-way mark. November is more than half over and I’ve managed to have an adventure of some sort each and every day. This is the perfect time for a little update on some unfinished business.

First up? The waffling adventure. Last week I discovered that the waffle iron is not just for making waffles. Following a Facebook feed showing images of all sorts of foods one can ‘waffle’, I tried making a wafalafel – a waffled falafel. I LOVED it. Determined to track down some more great ideas for making dinner less of a laborious task over here I decided to keep the waffling adventure going.

Back in August the long-running Canadian National Exhibit (CNE, or “The Ex”) was held at Exhibition Place here in Toronto. It’s Canada’s largest annual fair and (apparently) the seventh largest in North America.  It’s a mix of pavilions, exhibits, concerts, a horse show, casino, midway rides and a large food tent area.The-Ex

Every year there is a new ‘food’ introduced at the Ex. And by food I’m referring to the deep-fried Mars bar, deep-fried Coke, deep-fried butter – you see the theme forming here, right?!

Well, this year one of the few new items I saw was the ‘Thanksgiving Waffle’. I saw the sign for it while wandering around the food tent and although I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner and all its trimmings, the thought of adding all those delicious foods on top of a waffle wasn’t appealing to me at all. I learned later that I had it all wrong. The waffle was actually made of Thanksgiving stuffing – hello! I immediately regretted not stopping to try some when I’d had the chance. So you can guess what I ‘waffled’ this afternoon.

Adventure-A-Day: Day 17

Introducing the Thanksgiving Dinner waffle…..

If you like stuffing then this is a no-brainer. This year I’m having a hot turkey waffle on Boxing Day – a ‘stuffing waffle’ topped with turkey, mashed potatoes and a little drizzle of gravy.

Next up? I owe everyone an update on my adventure into the world of Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels); otherwise known as Dumb and Dumber. I saw the first movie last week and was underwhelmed. I had high hopes for the newly released Dumb and Dumber To and prepped appropriately for the big event with a large lime margarita, pre-viewing.

I’m sorry to report that although I loved my first Cineplex VIP Cinema experience, I didn’t love the movie. It wasn’t awful, it just didn’t make me laugh that much. Is it funny? I think that’s a matter of personal opinion so don’t listen to me if you’re a big fan of the first movie. Go, see and decide for yourself.

Finally, I want to report that I have now finished my glue-gun adventure. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I finished my paper Christmas tree this morning while our first real snow fall was going outside my window. With such a snowy, wintery scene happening, my Christmas-craft-in-November didn’t seem quite so premature. Winter is officially here in Toronto and #ChristmasIsComing!Paper-Christmas-tree

Did you have an adventure today?



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