November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 16

I don’t consider myself a creature of habit. I don’t have a daily routine really – aside from chauffeuring my daughters to school and their after-school activities. Week days, from 8:35-3:35pm, my time is pretty much my own and I fill it differently every day; especially this month while I’ve challenged myself to have an adventure-a-day. However, when it comes to ordering breakfast in a restaurant, I rarely stray from my tried and true.

I’m a “2 eggs scrambled with sausage” kinda girl. While I love Mexican food, I would never consider ordering a breakfast burrito. Likewise, I’ve never ordered a bagel and lox, pastry plates or eggs benedict. With this being my month of trying new things though, I knew I had to finally look beyond my standard ‘breakfast special’ and venture into new territory.

An Adventure-A-Day: Day 16

This morning I ordered eggs benedict for the first time EVER. Not only have I never eaten it before, I’ve also had zero interest or curiosity as to what exactly it was. Is that a butter sauce on top? A cheese sauce? Is the yolk hard? Runny?

Well, today I discovered the answers to all of these questions.eggs-benedict

I like scrambled eggs because I don’t like the taste (or colour) of yolks. I also don’t like cheese and assumed Hollandaise sauce was a cheese-based sauce. It certainly looks cheesy but after having tried it today I must admit I was wrong. It IS, however, made of egg yolks. That killed it for me. Even though there’s also butter and lemon juice in the sauce, the yolk is all I tasted. And then I saw the bright yellowy-orange yolk inside the poached eggs. We just moved from bad to worse. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy it at all.

My breakfast experiment didn’t work out so well but I’m glad I’ve finally tried hollandaise sauce. I now know that it’s not for me and the same goes for eggs benedict.

It’s worth giving new things a try and risking being disappointed so that you give yourself the opportunity to be completely blown away one day by a new food…hobby..or passion(!!) in life. That opportunity is worth one crappy breakfast experience, right?


Is there a mainstream food item out there that you’ve somehow avoided trying?  

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