November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 14

What a nice afternoon I had. The house was quiet and I was sitting at the kitchen table completely absorbed in a craft. Absorbed in that way that lets hours go by without you even realizing it. It reminded me of when I was a child and had all the freedom and time in the world to do (almost) whatever I wanted. I could play outside, read or colour for hours.

When I read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, I recall her saying that if you want to uncover the things that bring you joy, look back to the things you loved to do when you were a child; when you had no responsibilities or worries. I loved reading, doing crafts, playing in the ocean and skipping. I still love reading and playing in the ocean but I haven’t skipped in years (I’m OK with that).

Doing crafts is something I think I would enjoy doing now, as an adult. I’m not sure why I haven’t really been pursuing it though? I guess that’s one more benefit to this month’s adventure-a-day challenge. The task of finding an adventure each day is motivating me to really think about the things that I enjoy doing – even those things that have been long neglected.paper-christmas-tree

Adventure-A-Day: Day 14

I started making a paper tree this afternoon. I saw a picture of one on Pinterest (of course) and thought it looked fun, easy and functional. It’s a decorative paper Christmas tree. I should add that although I love doing crafts, I’m not exactly a crafty person. I’m not seeking perfection here though. I actually just enjoy the somewhat mindless repetition of this particular craft – it’s a good stress reliever.

Walking into Michaels craft store was like walking into a foreign country for me. I didn’t know where anything was or even what everything was. I had a list that said I needed paper, a styrofoam tree shape and a shape paper cutter (??). Before today, I didn’t know you could buy a contraption that cuts specific shapes out in a single punch – all you scrapbookers out there know though don’t you! You have an entire section at Michaels. I was grateful to stumble upon your scrapbooking paper too; especially since it was on sale $1/5 sheets. I also came home with spray tack (totally useless for today’s project) and Modge Pod – I’m still not sure exactly what it is (the label says that it “adds dimension”??) but it has such a cool name it made it into the shopping basket anyhow.

The best part though was that I got to use a glue gun. It made me feel very professional. I have legitimate crafting tools in my possession now. I’ll definitely be hunting down a major glue gun adventure before the month is over. paper-Christmas-tree

I’m not finished my tree yet. I’m not ready to be finished. This is an adventure that I just want to take my time with and enjoy. These are the simple pleasures in life, the little things, and they should be savoured. paper-christmas-tree


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