Where have I been?

Where have I been? Well, it’s been a summer full of adventures for me but one that has also required my attention to lie elsewhere. BUT, starting next week I will be sharing all of my summer travel stories and filling you in on some exciting trips planned for the Fall and Winter.

What can you expect in the coming weeks?

1. Stories of some fantastic day trips from Halifax, Nova Scotia that had me playing both in, and alongside Nova Scotia’s ocean playground.

2. My top 5 favourite things to see and do in Prince Edward Island.

3. The legend of Anne of Green Gables…..in Bala, Ontario?

4. An update on my summer bucket list and my goal of being more of the adventuress ‘travel me’ when I’m not on the road.

Where am I headed to in the coming months?

September – Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula!

October – Muskoka, Ontario to sample some wines and (finally!) discover why cranberries are harvested in knee-deep water.

November – New York City and ??? (a late November trip is in the works but still being finalized).

February – Quebec City, to take in the festivities of one of the world’s largest winter festivals, Winter Carnival and to spend a magical night at the famous Hotel de Glace – a hotel made completely of ice every winter.

March – Arizona, to hike and explore the picturesque desert landscape.

I’m excited to share all of these adventures and more as the months roll on. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Where have I been?

  1. Yes, yes, yes! You are back!!!! You have been very much missed, and I am looking forward to vacationing vicariously through your blog… and I have to say – LOBSTER. YUM! I am glad you have had a happy summer – sounds like the whirlwind continues! Clearly, I need a new job. Can I have yours? :-) Mother Hen

    • Thanks Mother Hen! I have definitely been having a fun summer. I’ve been a little mother hen myself with my girls out of school for the summer. Looking forward to more sharing and to catching up on what you and some of my other favorite bloggers have been up to also :)

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