The world in a jewelry box

This pic was inspired by a Facebook post by travel blogger Dalene over at Hecktic Travels in which she shared some of the jewelry she’s collected from her travels. This is a small sample of some of the treasures that I’ve collected over the years. My weakness is silver jewelry – especially earrings.

Watch: I bought it from a shop on the Rialto bridge in Venice, Italy.

Bracelet: Purchased in a small market in Kenya.


The colourful bead necklace is from Italy

The long blue one is from Costa Rica

The charms on the third one are from New Zealand (the Maori fish hook) and Zimbabwe (a Nyami Nyami carving – Zambezi River God)

Rings: The middle one is from Peru and the other is from Vienna.

Earrings: I picked these up from a night market in Cusco, Peru.

Is jewelry your souvenir of choice? 


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