Friday Photo Flashback: Peix (fish)

The Peix sculpture by Frank Gehry, Barcelona.

My husband and I were surprised to meet a Canadian while we were strolling along the beach one day during our visit to Barcelona last Fall. Renowned Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry created the ‘Peix’ sculpture, which is situated beachside in Port Olímpic, for the 1992 Summer Olympics that were held in Barcelona. Aptly named the Fish (‘Peix’ in Catalan) and measuring 35 meters high and 54 meters long, it’s a striking sculpture that dominates the waterfront area. They say that when the sun shines upon its copper-coloured steel plates, they resemble glistening scales. The sun was certainly shining the day I took this photo so I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Frank Gehry’s contemporary architectural creations are present all over the world. To give you an idea of the extraordinary talent and creativity he employs in his work, click here. It’s pretty amazing.

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