November’s Adventure-A-Day: Day 29

Christmas in New York. The whole city is alive and vibrant with decoration. Christmas music is playing in the restaurants, shops and on every corner where an enthusiastic New Yorker is dancing to help bring in donations to the Salvation Army. I almost wish a light snow had started falling today.

Adventure-A-Day: Day 29

Today we set our sights on Macey’s. With all the crowds that flocked there yesterday it was a miracle we made it to 34th street as quickly as we did (see what I did there?). We were determined to go early so we could ‘get in and get out’ and that’s just what we did.

Santa was there greeting a long line of over-dressed children and each department was well staffed. We were there for hours but came out with some fabulous deals and more than a pocketful of Christmas spirit.

Satisfied with our efforts we freshened up back at the hotel before heading out for dinner at Ma Peche and then to see the Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring Michael C Hall – otherwise known as ‘Dexter’.

So amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the music, the talent and the story.

Here is a photo journey of my adventure in NYC today.






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