The Vegas back-up plan – Heli ride into the Grand Canyon

I’ve been to Vegas exactly 1 time……and I was pregnant. I know! Who goes to Vegas pregnant? You’re supposed to LEAVE Vegas pregnant. It was all mixed up. I couldn’t be near the smoke, I couldn’t drink, I couldn’t even get myself to stay up past 9pm. The worst part was that I was only 6-weeks into the pregnancy so although the morning sickness was in full swing, I didn’t LOOK pregnant. I just looked like an early-to-bed, no-casino-for-me, non-drinking wallflower who had no business being in Vegas.

Over dinner that first night, my husband – who’s brain was NOT percolating with pregnancy hormones – had a brainstorm. He suggested we go on an excursion; a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Perfect!

We were picked up from our hotel, the Wynn, early the next morning. The Wynn, by the way, is a lovely hotel which also happens to smell fabulous. My husband is convinced they release some kind of pheromone into the ventilation system there. Something that not only smells great but encourages people to stay in the casino longer. I think he watches too many movies. Anyhow, we headed off towards the Grand Canyon and here’s what we saw.

DSC00290 DSC00291 DSC00292 DSC00294 DSC00295

Halfway through the flight we touched down into the canyon. Our wonderful captain set up a picnic lunch for us while we soaked up the beauty and colours all around us. After lunch everyone got to enjoy a little champagne to savour the moment. Everyone except me that is. I had water. Again.DSC00316 DSC00314 DSC00322 DSC00318 DSC00317

The pregnancy held me back on that visit but next time, this will be me….

Oh, did I tell you about the 1 time I was in Napa? Pregnant.

4 responses to “The Vegas back-up plan – Heli ride into the Grand Canyon

  1. Love the pics! Really enjoyed your post… now I want to go!! At my age, fortunately,I will be blissfully UNpregnant…woohoo!!

      • I wish.. :-) not likely, though as given my propensity for meeting up with word accidents (hubby swears I am sure to die in some freakishly weird way…woman trips on leaf, impales self on drinking straw, punctures aorta. That sort of thing. The sites will be a safer place without me…

  2. *WEIRD accidents, that is. See? Can’t even successfully master spell check on my tablet… imagine the damage I could do to a rip cord!

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