The modern day road trip

I’m getting ready for an up-coming road trip.  When I sat down this morning to make my trip ‘to do’ list, I couldn’t help but think of how different road trips are today compared to when I was a child.  For the record, I don’t think any of the differences are bad. They’re really just examples of the normal evolution of all things. As long as roads trips themselves don’t fall to the wayside, then it’s all good with me.

Here’s part of the ‘to do’ list I made that highlighted some of these modern day differences:

1. Load GPS with destination address.

Gone are maps and written directions. Like most cars today ours is equipped with a trusty little GPS that I can assure you we will follow blindly to get to our destination.

2. Charge and pack the tech toys (iPad, iPhone, e-reader). 

Tech toys

Gone too, at least in OUR car, are travel-sized games and a bag full of random Dollar Store activities.  ALL of that has now been replaced by iPads loaded with movies, games and a camera to document the journey. We don’t even listen to the radio on trips longer than 1 hour – the iPod is plugged in simultaneously with the seat belts and off we go.

3. Download the App.  


I remember going on road trips to Prince Edward Island every summer as a child. The best part of the trip was the car ferry ride at the end. Of course now there’s a bridge, but regardless, we always stopped at the Tourist Information Office as we rolled into town and picked up a map and a few brochures to let us know what was “going on” in town during our visit. Now I download an app and everything I could possibly need as a tourist is just a finger tap or sweep away.

Of course, as the saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Despite the abundance of i-technology that will be present in the car, I will STILL be the entertainment co-ordinater for our backseat passengers and there will undoubtably be some freestyle singing and rounds of I Spy going on.

Since I’ll be sitting ‘shot-gun’ in the car (hurrah!) I will also STILL be the resident DJ for the trip and we’ll most likely STILL stop at a highway super station for lunch. At least I hope so.  It’s the only time I walk away guilt-free after indulging in a little Mc-anything.

Oh, and if we should happen to lose our way, it will STILL be me asking for directions – this, of course, has nothing to do with my ‘shot-gun’ seat in the car though ;)

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